HYPE 1000

HYPE 1000

HYPE 1000

We envision and create secure, customer-first, and easy-to-use audio and voice solutions to empower organizations to communicate with their own voice


At HYPE 1000, we want to create valuable and emotional relationships between people and organizations using the power of audio and voice. With this vision in mind the two founders and childhood friends Simon Kapell and Maximilian Conrad are working closely with different organizations, corporates and media houses to bring communication via audio and voice into the 21th century. Because we believe that every organization should communicate with their own voice to create emotional relationships with their customers and employees.

"We anticipate that the audio innovation of the next decade will rival what we’ve seen in video apps over the past few years."

Andrew Chen - Partner Andreessen Horowitz

The first product of the audio technology start-up from Münster, Germany is HYPECAST – the podcast app for organizations and teams. With this new app employees, partners and customers can listen to an organization’s podcasts and the best curated podcasts from around the world – secure and easy-to-use! It provides instant access to a personalized audio world anywhere via iPhone, Android, and a web app.

Our Product


Distribute your content to selected audiences, e.g. sales teams, c-level management, intl. project teams


We work 100% GDPR-compliant. All data is stored on European servers or can be transferred via API


Understand how users listen, understand what content works


Weekly curated playlists developed specifically for your organization and for specific topics, e.g. HR, Finance, Digital

Our Clients & Partners

How we work


Whatever we do is based on our "customer-first" approach. We make you our first priority in all aspects of our work.


All product developments have to be intuitive, simple, and easy to use. Therefore we test and test and test to constantly improve.


All data is stored on European servers only and everything we do is 100% GDPR-compliant for maximum security.


Phone: + 49 171 532 44 63
Email: hey@hype1000.com
Sophienstraße 8
48145 Münster